The Psychotic Turnbuckles

A Message From The World Affairs Desk

thumb bandIt is with mild bemusement that the Psychotic Turnbuckles announce that SOMEONE BROKE THE SANDO.

Yes, the Pismo Beach Wrestling Federation has been told that the plug is being pulled on live music at the Sando...three days before the Turnbuckles' scheduled gig.
Three days!!!!

Where does this leave the Intercontinental World Tag Team Champions? Reaching d
own their trunks for their concealed foreign objects and ITCHING FOR A SMACKDOWN.

Unforeseen venue closures are no problem for these Masters of the Squared Circle. They CANNOT BE CAGED and THEY WILL NOT BE PINNED TO THE MAT!!!

The Psychotic Turnbuckles will play The Bald Faced Stag on Saturday, December 15. All current tickets will be honoured. The Sando would have been a sell-out - but more tickets will now be on sale.

Dull City Must Be least one more time.